weekend question.jpgMen’s apologist Mark Rudov wrote the following in an interesting July 19 Men News Daily column, “Obama’s baby mamas,” on the speech “misandrist” Barack Obama should have given on Mother’s Day to balance his chastisement of absentee fathers on Father’s Day:

Unmarried mothers must stop complaining that sperm owners aren’t committed fathers. Here’s a rule of thumb for every unmarried woman: if you have no wedding ring on your finger, assume the man with whom you’re having sex will not hang around post-childbirth. Let that sink in the next time you roll the dice with an innocent child’s future.

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Women have 20 methods of birth control from which to choose, according to Planned Parenthood.
Women must stop passing the buck to men. Either men are equally responsible for pregnancy or they’re not. If they are, give them an equal say in all decisions about abortion, adoption, and custody. Otherwise, all unwed mothers should be totally responsible – logistically and financially – for raising their children.

Agree or disagree?

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