weekend question.jpgTwo Catholics with supposedly opposing views on abortion are said to be on Barack Obama’s VP short list: KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and VA Gov. Tim Kaine.
Sebelius states she is personally pro-life but in all her actions is a flagrant pro-abort and has even been asked by her bishop to refrain from receiving communion.
Kaine has more fooled. He professes to be pro-life and has many on the other side worried, but he is not pro-life. National Right to Life goes so far as to call Kaine “pro-abortion”….

sebelius kaine.jpgPro-lifers disdain Sebelius and distrust Kaine. Pro-aborts disdain and distrust Kaine.
Now talk of both as prospective VP picks has incited another pro-abort battle within the Democrat Party, just when their major rift over Obama and Clinton was abating.
Whether you are liberal or conservative, and strategically speaking, who would you pick as Obama’s VP nominee if given only those 2 options, and why?

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