Sigh… I have good friends and respected pro-life colleagues who are members of American Right to Life. They did such a good job establishing credibility with their Sheets of Shame huge pro-life sign at the Denver National Convention, and then they had to do this. It’s as if they can’t handle respect.
From the Associated Press, September 4:

Eight people have been escorted by police from the lobby of Focus on the Family headquarters in Colorado Springs after showing up to protest an endorsement by the group’s founder.

dobson sit in.jpg

About a dozen protesters from American Right to Life Action arrived at Focus around 7:45 a.m. Thursday. Two hours later, 8 of the protesters went inside the building and refused to leave.
Officers escorted them out a short time later.
The ARLA says Focus founder Dr. James Dobson violated a pledge to God to never back a candidate who supports abortion. Dobson recently said on his radio show that he would “pull the lever for John McCain” if the election were held today.
The group charges McCain voted to approve abortion funding for pregnancies stemming from rape or incest.

ARTL is talking about McCain’s vote on the Hyde Amendment….

First passed in 1976 and named after its sponsor, pro-life Congressman Henry Hyde, may he rest in peace, this appropriations rider blocks federal funding of abortions for low-income women.
The Hyde Amendment must be reintroduced and passed every year. For years it had only a life-of-the-mother exception.
But in 1993 newly elected President Bill Clinton set his sights on offing the Hyde Amendment. It was in serious danger of failing until a rape/incest exception was added, when in a stunning defeat for Clinton, the Hyde Amendment was salvaged.
Since 1993 the Hyde Amendment has included a rape/incest exception. There is actual evidence in the Senate*, by votes taken, that restrictions on abortion would altogether fail if the rape/incest exception were excluded, in which case the American people would fund all abortions of low income women every year rather than those few for rape/incest/life of the mother.
(*In 1995, the Senate had a chance to vote on 2 different versions of an amendment to restrict coverage of abortions under the Federal Employees Health Benefits program. McCain voted for the first, stronger amendment, that allowed such coverage only to save the life of the mother. Only when that amendment was defeated did McCain support a second amendment that included rape-incest exceptions, which passed.)
Throughout his congressional career in both the House and Senate, John McCain has always voted for the strongest restrictions on federal funding of abortion that were offered.
ARTL in its press release cites as evidence that “John McCain funds the killing of countless children,” his vote on a 2006 appropriations bill that included the Hyde Amendment.
That was ARTL’s rationale for staging a sit-in against Dobson, a complete waste of time and harmful to the name of a good man.
It goes back to the same old argument, purism vs. incrementalism.
In this case, were it up to ARTL, we would be funding hundreds of thousands of abortions rather than a few – to be fair.

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