Here’s a bizarre one.
Attempting to make smarty Sarah Palin look dumb, liberal blogger Gawker posted fake SAT scores and high school grades forged from pro-lifer Dawn Eden’s SAT scoresheet.
Read all about it at The Dawn Patrol.
A commenter on The Straight Dope found Dawn’s original and wrote:

[T]he scanned copies are at exactly the same angle, not perfectly square with the scanner’s edge. The “blocked out” bits for both copies are identical: look at the “telephone number” space, for example. The remaining dot clutter is absolutely identical in both images. The dates are identical, except that “85” was changed to “82”. Interesting that the “report date” of both tests would be March 23rd; in 1985, the date on the real results form, that was a Saturday, which is a typical day for SAT testing. In 1982, the date on Palin’s photoshopped form, March 23rd was a Tuesday. And the real form has the same 5-3-3-1-2-3 that appears on the altered form, in precisely the same spots in the boxes.

forgery 2.jpg
forgery 1.jpg
I’m reminded of the forged documents swallowed whole by Dan Rather disparaging George Bush’s National Guard record.
Liberals clearly can’t let their candidates win on their own merits. But they need to find another felonious method. Forgery clearly isn’t their strong suit.

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