stephen baldwin.jpgLast week actor Stephen Baldwin caused a liberal stir by calling Barack Obama a “cultural terrorist” and jokingly challenging him to a boxing match, which he was attending at the time, adding, “I’d like to knock some good sense into Barack. I wouldn’t hurt him. But if he wins the election, he’ll hurt me. He’s a cultural terrorist.”
On his Saturday radio show, which Baldwin co-hosts with Kevin McCullough, Baldwin explained his thinking has to do with Obama’s opposition to Born Alive says this: “Cultural: of or pertaining to culture or cultivation.” “Terrorism: the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce for political purposes.” Definition no. 2: “The state and fear of submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.”
Here’s… why I think Barack Obama’s a cultural terrorist: He is the only senator to vote against the Born-Alive Act. And here’s his excuse: It shouldn’t be a law because it could endanger the health of the mother. So that’s his logic. Now, no other senator – Democrat or Republican – agrees with that. They feel that you should vote against this thing. He’s the only dude that says, If somebody goes to have an abortion late in the term of a pregnancy – it’s a baby. It’s a life, it’s a baby inside a mother’s womb – if they go to have an abortion and it goes wrong and the baby comes out alive, and survives, homey, Obama, says you should put it somewhere and let it just starve and die. Just let it die… Barack Obama saying that it’s OK for that to happen is terrorism in my opinion.

During the same segment Baldwin called Obama a wuss:

Barack Obama is, like, a wuss. I think the guy’s just a wuss. He doesn’t look like he ever got down in the street – ever! I think the guy’s just a wuss.

Obama is the worst example of a wuss. He’s a bully who can’t pick on people his own size so he targets little defenseless babies.
The thought of Baldwin taking Obama on in a fair fight in the ring sounds more and more appealing.

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