Above is video of Lauren Richardson, most certainly not “brain dead” as Alan Colmes called her several months ago.
I’ve written previously about Lauren, a brain-damaged 23-year-old who overdosed on heroin in August 2006 while 3-4 months pregnant.
Lauren was kept on life support until she delivered a healthy baby girl in February 2007.
Then Lauren’s mother, Edith Towers, began a legal battle to remove her feeding tube, while her father, Randy Richardson, fought to keep Lauren alive and assume responsibility for her care.
Well, I’m happy to report the case has been positively resolved. Reported the Associated Press yesterday…

The parents of a DE woman declared to be in a persistent vegetative state have resolved a legal dispute over her care.
After fighting over the possible removal of their daughter’s feeding tube, the parents of 24-year-old Lauren Richardson have agreed to jointly care for her at her father’s home.
Randy Richardson said his daughter, who is currently at a nursing home near New Castle, will be transferred to his home in Elkton, MD, next month….
”I said in court I don’t want to have to pull Lauren’s feeding tube,” said Towers, who prayed constantly and relied on her Christian faith throughout the ordeal but had been assured by doctors by doctors that her daughter would never recover.
”I was waiting on God to help me through this, and I think I got my answer the day I realized, if I cut my daughter’s life short without giving her every opportunity to heal, could I live with that decision?” she said.
The judge issued an order last week granting Richardson and Towers joint guardianship and closing the case….
Towers decided in August to drop the lawsuit and joined her ex-husband and other family members in visiting Lauren the following month.
”We said ‘Lauren, it’s mom and dad and we’ve just come out of a meeting and you’re going home … Would you like that?”’
Towers said she was then given a few minutes to be alone with her daughter, who started sobbing.
”I held her,” Towers said. ”I had never seen that, never seen any emotion or any response to words that had come out of my mouth.”
Towers said she knows that the daughter she once knew is gone and that the future is uncertain, but that she maintains hope.
”We want to see what we can do for her; if there’s anything we can do for her,” she said. ”I can’t wait to see how she reacts when she gets home.”
Randy Richardson said his daughter is not comatose but is in a state of minimal consciousness. He said she responds to stimuli and can express emotions, is aware of her surroundings, has full movement of her limbs, and tries to sit up….

[HT: LifeNews.com]

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