bash back.jpg reported that the homosexual anarchist group Bash Back (pictured above) disrupted the November 9 (Sunday after election) services at Mt. Hope Church in Eaton County, MI

The group… picket[ed] outside the church, beating on buckets and using a megaphone to shout “Jesus was a homo” and other slogans as confused churchgoers continued to enter the building….
The Rev. John Elieff… said Bash Back members disrupted the service by bursting into the sanctuary, throwing fliers, hanging a banner from the balcony and pulling fire alarms.
“It was an unwelcome and violent demonstration,” he said.

Turns out Bash Back was not only protesting Mt. Hope’s opposition to homosexual behavior but also its opposition to abortion. In a November 20 statement attempting to clarify why it protested Hope Bash Back wrote:

Why Mount Hope Church?… A lot of issues went into our decision….
“D-willy”, Pastor of Mount Hope, (and personal enemy of Bash Back!) stated that he did not “choose to identify MHC as anti-choice”.
However, every Halloween the Church puts on the heavily protested “Hell House“, an extremely offensive and yes RADICAL approach to shock people into their right wing belief structure.
One of the rooms within this Hell House completely inaccurately depicts a womyn receiving an abortion. In the act, the doctor uses dirty tools, and horrible machine sounds play over loud speakers. With the presence of demons, and her screams of pain, one leaves feeling like they just witnessed a most violent atrocity. How is this not actively anti-choice?

With the election of Barack Obama as president and the apparent unleashing of the pro-abortion/pro-homosexual communities, do you anticipate violence against pro-lifers to increase? Why or why not?
[Top photo from Bash Back’s website; bottom photo courtesy of Nathan Harris/City Pulse]

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