napolitano brewer.jpg CitizenLink reported on February 12:

For years, AZ Gov. Janet Napolitano [top right] vetoed virtually every piece of pro-life legislation that reached her desk.
After President Barack Obama named Napolitano secretary of Homeland Security, pro-lifer Jan Brewer [bottom right] took over as governor.
And life advocates are wasting no time in pushing pro-life bills toward her desk.
The AZ House is considering the Abortion Consent Act, which covers informed consent, parental consent and doctors’ rights of conscience.

Here’s Ms. magazine’s take…

ms az.jpg
There is also a silver lining in Obama’s liberally-stuffed stimulus package and move to take over the Census: These jolted sensibility into incoming Republican pro-life Commerce Secretary Judd Gregg, whose NH U.S. Senate replacement was to be pro-abort J. Bonnie Newman. That deal is now off.
I suppose having Gregg on Obama’s cabinet as a pro-life voice would have been a good thing, but who knows how long he would have lasted. Meanwhile yet another pro-abort woman would have sullied the Senate.
[HT on AZ legislation: proofreader Angela]

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