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  • Wesley Smith comments on the recent case of a woman in Japan being implanted with the wrong embryo, having an abortion and then suing the government-run hospital:

    As for me, I think it is all upsetting, and – yes I will say it – the field increasingly epitomizes a society that thinks we are all entitled to everything we want, regardless of the moral costs in the lives harmed or sacrificed in the obtaining. But wisdom tells us that sometimes we have to live within limits and make do as best we can. That hurts individuals, and we should all be there to empathize and help ease the pain. But it also helps build a healthier society. It is a forgotten lesson that is costing us dearly.

  • At First Things, Yuval Levin has a long piece in which he attempts to estimate what will happen during the Obama administration with regard to biotechnology, stem cell research and cloning. About the Dickey Amendment, he writes…

    The Dickey Amendment, attached to the federal budget since 1995, prohibits funding for work in which embryos are actually destroyed. The new Congress may choose to remove the Dickey Amendment in next year’s budget, allowing for essentially no restriction on federal funding for the destruction of human embryos.
    Opponents of the amendment certainly have the votes to remove it, but they will need to judge whether there is sufficient demand in the scientific community to merit the political cost, which means that the pro-life movement needs to prepare its case on the Dickey amendment, to make plain that there would be a cost.


  • The BBC News has a
    story of a young couple in the UK who decided to give birth to conjoined twins after doctors strongly pushed for abortion. The twins were born alive and then later died after being separated:

    Mr. Williams, 28, from Anglesey, said: “It was the best decision we made.”
    He added: “Now we have memories and pictures and we can always remember these two beautiful girls, which they were……”
    “They didn’t really tell us much else about it apart from abortion. I didn’t know what to say, it was just like someone smacking you in the face.”

    [JLS note: The BBC News video telling the story is touching.]

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