UPDATE, 2/27, 6:40a: Many pro-choicers have complained in the comments section about my characterization of pro-contraception, pro-abortion young women as being easy marks. I have to say it was comedian Chris Rock who was my inspiration. I watched the following video a couple years ago, and it made total sense. In fact, if you can get past Rock’s foul mouth and sexual explicitness, you’ll see many truths in what he has to say. WARNING: R-rated

2/26: Attempting to turn tables on pro-lifers, the Feminist Majority Foundation is encouraging college feminists to protest their local pregnancy care center. Interesting concept.
While pro-lifers around the country now gather twice annually at abortion mills for 40 days, often around the clock (aside from thousands of other times annually), FMF can only rally its femitroops 1 day, April 13, strangely a Monday. I guess college women who advertise they’re pro-birth control and pro-abortion are much in demand on weekends.
So anyway, here’s video of one recent protest, held across the street from a Planned Parenthood protest, which looked fun….

Their crimes? (Click to enlarge.)
false links.jpg
Problem is there are studies corroborating all the above. But the modus operandi of the other side is simply to say what is true is false and vice versa.
Read about the bias of the American Psychiatric Association, whose president sits on the board of Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health.
Hey FMF, good luck with the protests. Just don’t plan any in winter… or when it’s raining… or when it’s really hot…. or that last longer than 30 minutes…. Feminist girls don’t like being put out, just putting out. That’s what this is all about, right? Their freedom to do that.

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