There are ideological pro-aborts, and there are fiscal pro-aborts. You saw them split in the 2008 election when ideologues supported Clinton and abortion big business supported Obama.
Having now taken over Washington, they have the ideological goal of changing law (FOCA, etc.), and the financial goal of getting more tax money.
show me the money.jpgAbortion big business supported Obama obviously because they expected him to come through with more money than Hillary, which he has done already by overturning the Mexico City Policy, adding “family planning” to his faith-based initiatives office, and promising to sign for taxpayer funding of human embryo experimentation, to name 3 we know….

Where President Bush threatened or did veto appropriations riders coming from Congress that increased taxpayer funding to pro-aborts, or removed abortion restrictions, Obama will not, and he is amenable to increases. (For instance, family planning groups in their secret memo to Obama asked him to double money given for international family planning from $457 million to $1 billion annually.)
That brings me to the point.
Pro-life Reps. Jim Jordan (ROH) and Heath Shuler (DNC) have written a letter to Nancy Pelosi and 2 other House leaders urging them to leave all pro-life riders intact, such as the Hyde Amendment, which bans taxpayer funding of most U.S. abortions, conscience protection for health care providers, and tax paid prohibition of human embryo research.
The letter further asks that Members be given a chance for an up or down vote if any pro-life provision is deleted in committee.
Pelosi needs to learn from the get-go that the increasing number of Blue Dog Democrats are a force to be reckoned with, in combination with a solid majority of pro-life Republicans.
Below I’ve listed pro-life members of Congress in alpha order who have not yet signed the letter but should. If you spot yours, call the House switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected.
Alternatively, because the switchboard is being inundated with calls against the stimulus bill, you can find your congressperson’s direct number at this link (area code 202)
Notify your Congressperson’s staff that the deadline to sign is COB February 13, and they should contact Wes Goodman (Jordan) or Erin Doty (Shuler) to sign the letter.
Pro-life congresspersons who have yet to sign the Jordan-Shuler letter
Austria, Steve — Bachus, Spencer — Barrett, Gresham — Barton, Joe — Bilbray, Brian — Bishop, Rob — Boccieri, John — Bonner, Jo — Boozman, John — Boren, Dan — Brown-Waite, Ginny — Burgess, Michael — Buyer, Steve — Calvert, Ken — Camp, Dave — Campbell, John — Cantor, Eric — Capito, Shelley Moore –Carney, Chris — Carter, John — Cassidy, Bill — Coffman, Mike — Conaway, Mike — Costello, Jerry — Crenshaw, Ander — Culberson, John — Dahlkemper, Kathy — Deal, Nathan — Diaz-Balart, Lincoln — Diaz-Balart, Mario — Donnelly, Joe — Doyle, Mike — Dreier, David — Driehaus, Steve — Duncan, John — Emerson, Jo Ann — Flake, Jeff — Forbes, Randy — Foxx, Virginia — Gallegly, Elton — Gerlach, Jim — Granger, Kay — Graves, Sam — Griffith, Parker — Hastings, Doc — Heller, Dean — Holden, Tim — Issa, Darrell — Kanjorski, Paul — Kildee, Dale — King, Steve — Kline, John — LaTourette, Steve — Lewis, Jerry — Lipinski, Dan — LoBiondo, Frank — Lucas, Frank — Luetkemeyer, Blaine — Lummis, Cynthia — Marshall, Jim — McCarthy, Kevin — McHugh, John — McIntyre, Mike — McKeon, Howard — Melancon, Charlie — Mica, John — Miller, Gary — Mollohan, Alan — Murphy, Tim — Murtha, John — Nunes, Devin — Oberstar, Jim — Ortiz, Solomon — Paulsen, Erik — Petri, Thomas — Platts, Todd — Poe, Ted — Posey, Bill — Price, Tom — Putnam, Adam — Rahall, Nick — Rehberg, Dennis — Reichert, Dave — Rogers, Mike (MI) — Rohrabacher, Dana — Roskam, Peter — Royce, Ed — Schock, Aaron — Sessions, Pete — Shadegg, John — Shuster, Bill — Skelton, Ike — Stearns, Cliff — Taylor, Gene — Terry, Lee — Thompson, Glenn — Thornberry, William — Tiahrt, Todd — Tiberi, Patrick — Turner, Michael — Upton, Fred — Whitfield, Ed — Wilson, Charlie — Wilson, Joe — Young, Bill –Young, Don

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