327.JPGHi, I’m back and happy to be! I would ask if you missed me but see you carried on just fine in my absence – over 2k comments on my vacation announcement, lol!
My vacation ended with a literal bang early Saturday morning….
My family (mom and dad, husband Rich, daughter Daena, son and daughter-in-law Michael and Bernadine and their boys Gabe, Shane, and Raph) and I were preparing to drive and fly home from a house we rented in Ft. Myers Beach, FL when the kitchen lights flickered off, and the electrical box outside began popping loudly, spewing a fireworks display, and finally starting on fire….

097.JPGThe photo above is of my dad and Rich showing the fire department (from afar) where to extinguish the flames… :)
Turns out FL Power & Light had just replaced wiring the week before, apparently not too aptly.
That was the end of my month. The beginning started out with a mental bang when we watched 2-year-old grandson Jack for a week while his parents went on a cruise. The photo above left is of grandma kissing Jack after he helped her sort clothes on the laundry room floor. And going back in time to toddlerville wasn’t bad, a worry I had beforehand. In fact it was nice. I found I had more patience and took more time to stop and smell the roses than the 1st time around.
Jill and Carla.JPGI spent the 2nd week of January catching up on paperwork, writing speeches, and planning the upcoming premiere of 22Weeks in DC.
The 3rd week of January was a whirlwind in DC. A high point was meeting moderator Carla, right, at the 22Weeks premiere. Many Operation Outcry and Silent No More post-abortive moms attended all 3 screenings to show support for Angele, the mother portrayed in the movie who also attended. More on 22Weeks in an upcoming post.
jill and laura.jpgAnother highlight was attending the Life Prizes award ceremony, as my moderators so graciously posted on. All who attended the event, held at the National Building Museum, will agree it was lavish beyond imagination. And I got to meet Laura Ingraham, the emcee! Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ruddy are such generous people who gave the pro-life movement a huge dose of encouragement by launching Life Prizes.
IMG00038.jpg A final highlight of my vacation was meeting moderator Suki (Carder) and her son Max! They live 4 hours from where I spoke in Naples, FL, on January 28 and amazingly drove to the event and spent the night. We got to meet and chat at McDonalds the next morning. Sorry that the photo is off-center and overexposed. All I had was my phone to take our self-portrait.
There was so much more – the Blogs4Life conference (thanks to moderator Chris for posting on that the day of), the Rock for Life conference, the Students for Life conference and, of course, the March for Life, which I regret I never got to attend due to interviews that got in the way.
But I’m back and appreciate your patience for the time off both I and the moderators needed. I have some loose ends to tie today so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to blog but will be back in full swing by tomorrow.

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