Gary Bauer and Daniel Allott have coauthored an op ed piece in today’s Washington Times that a Tweeter titled better than the WT: “26 years of pro-life policies undermined in 44 days under Obama’s leadership.”

A philosophical shift has taken place in the abortion rights movement. After confronting either a pro-life president or a pro-life majority in Congress for 26 of the last 28 years, abortion advocates have now secured sympathetic majorities in all three branches of government.

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And change in government has brought change to a movement that’s moved beyond working to secure a woman’s right to choose abortion. Its new goal is much more audacious – to coerce others into violating their consciences and participating in the murder of innocent human life. It’s a shift from merely being “pro-choice” to being “pro-abortion.”
This fundamental shift is personified most vividly in President Barack Obama. And it is exemplified most strikingly in his ambition to enact policies that would force millions of pro-life Americans to pay for and perform abortions….

I don’t become frightened, because my God is in control. But everyone better get clear quick that there are major pro-abortion government policy changes underway. One only has to refer as far back as today’s White House Healthcare Summit to understand.
[HT: Claude]

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