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  • President Obama‘s domestic policy advisor Melody Barnes attempts to defend her boss’s stem cell decision and basically repeats the same kind of “ideology for me but not for thee” mumbo-jumbo.
    Wesley Smith is there to shoot her “arguments” down:

    This administration promised to be transparent: Instead it is opaque. It promised to heal divisions: Instead it is worsening them. It promised honesty, but its policy arguments are profoundly misleading to the point of mendacity.
    The only reason he can get away with it is that the media remains immersed in the tank. If that ever changes, Obama could be in deep political trouble….

  • Pro-life students from Spokane Falls Community College are suing their school after they were prevented from setting up a pro-life display and distributing fliers. Apparently, the school said they could only distribute information if they also included information with a pro-choice point of view. However:

    According to the suit, the school has allowed other groups to hold events without presenting opposing viewpoints, including one with a clergyman on why faith communities should be allies with the gay and lesbian community.

  • Susan Martinuk has a column in the Calgary Herald regarding a move by the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons to change their standard of care guidelines to force physicians who are opposed to abortion to help women seeking abortion find out how to get one:

    The proposed changes are being debated this week and, if accepted as drafted, doctors who oppose abortion (for whatever reason) will no longer have the option of refusing to assist a woman requesting abortion. The college claims doctors won’t have to refer her directly to abortion providers, but they will have to ensure she has “access to information and assistance in making an informed decision and access to available medical options.”

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