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  • William McGurn has a column on Notre Dame inviting President Obama to be the school’s commencement speaker:

    In the end, the result is moral incoherence. It is an incoherence in which abortion-rights advocates have the most to gain, because it demoralizes those who support the cause of life while removing fears of even the slightest social sanction for those who do not. And it is an incoherence we see all across American Catholic life today….

    In our intellectual life, this incoherence gives us a college president who tells the campus paper that honoring an abortion-rights president is consistent with the bishops’ statement that such leaders “should not be given awards, honors, or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.”
    In our public life, it has brought us to a day where the most prominent Catholics in America — from Vice President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to virtually every well-known Irish Catholic in the Senate — now defend the snuffing out of tens of millions of innocent human lives as the exercise of a fundamental right.

    The National Review has a symposium on this subject as well.

  • Jacob Appel, a proponent of legal abortion, continues to take the presuppositions of the pro-choice ideology to their logical conclusions when he writes, “It’s time for an abortion pride movement”:

    While choosing to terminate may be difficult for women under many circumstances and for many reasons, if they have made the correct choice for themselves, they should be proud that they have done so. And our society should be proud of them too. Our message should not be merely toleration or resigned acquiescence, but genuine joy that someone has made a decision for their own and for the collective good.

  • The Kansas City Star reports that testimony in the trial of late-term abortionist George Tiller has begun:

    Kristin Neuhaus, who ran a practice in the Lawrence area, said she only came to Wichita to do consultations at Tiller’s clinic once a week for half a day.
    “I wouldn’t call that full-time,” Neuhaus said.
    When prosecutor Barry Disney asked why she told another assistant with the KS Attorney General’s office in 2006 that she worked full-time for Tiller, Neuhaus said she misspoke.

  • A woman in England who was advised to have an abortion by doctors because they misdiagnosed her unborn child with deadly condition speaks out to the Manchester Evening News after giving birth to a healthy baby boy:

    Many people would have taken the doctors’ advice and never have known they had aborted a healthy child. It is only because of our determination to have another child that our son is with us today.
    We are really shocked that the experts we trusted got this so badly wrong. If we had listened to the doctors our son would not be with us today – and we think its important to let other people know they don’t always get things right.

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