UPDATE, 12:20p: Here’s a list of organizations supporting IL’s FOCA as well as politicians, including AG Lisa Madigan.
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UPDATE, 10:50a: A pro-life legislator makes a good point: The abortion industry would flock to IL if IL FOCA passes because they wouldn’t have to have malpractice insurance.
Well funded, well organized, Obama-inspired radical IL pro-abort politicians and groups have reintroduced the state version of the Freedom of Choice Act.
While IL is already the abortion capital of the Midwest, with no enforceable law stopping it (including the 14-year-old IL Parental Notice Act, still stuck in court), and IL taxpayers already fund Medicaid abortions, IL’s FOCA would do additional harm to mothers and children in the Prairie State as well as create an opening for other states to pass their own FOCAs.
Just one unbelievable component: IL’s FOCA would allow nonphysicians to commit abortions and disallow civil lawsuits or criminal penalties for negligence or malpractice for abortions committed in “good faith,” i.e., “I didn’t mean to kill her.”
il foca.jpg
IL’s FOCA had 42 House co-sponsors but is beginning to lose ground. 4 have removed themselves since last week. On the other hand the bill is on its 2nd reading now, so a vote is imminent….

Students for Life of IL, StopIllinoisFOCA.comand Catholic Conference of IL have links to a petition and General Assembly member contact information.
Cardinal George (on a roll!) had a letter printed in the March 18 Chicago Sun-Times warning against IL FOCA’s plan to force pro-life health care providers to participate in abortion. In it he wrote something interesting:

This proposed law will drive Catholic doctors and nurses from health care and will make it impossible for Catholic hospitals to continue to be places where life is always respected, where no one is deliberately killed.

Chicago Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Paprocki has already warned Catholic hospitals would close rather than become complicit with abortion.
He likely didn’t realize his own state may be the first.

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