by Carder
If money were no object, I would arrange for a varied group of bloggers to meet and host a face-to-face discussion over the reason that brings us to Pro-Life Pulse in the first place.
Thumbnail image for PJTV175.gifSince reality gets in the way, let’s instead watch a panel discussion hosted by Pajamas TV, a conservative online network of bloggers, at the Conservative Political Action Committee’s Conservatism 2.0 Convention recently held in DC.
On the panel: DC Examiner columnist Scott Ott of ScrappleFace (news satire); John P. Avlon, Senior Fellow of the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research; libertarian law professor and blogger Glenn Reynolds of; and his royal rapidness, comedian AlfonZo Rachel, of MachoSauceProductions.
Facilitator Bill Whittle asked the panelists (fast forward to 1:37:40) if abortion is a social choice, murder, or something in between. The video takes a moment to load.
To summarize:

Ott: If we can express moral outrage over wasteful spending, then we should be able to express the same outrage over the taking of human life.
Avlon: How do we reconcile the rhetoric of individual freedom vs. the rhetoric of conservatism? Bring on the big tent.
Reynolds: Let it go, it’s a drag. It will culturally take care of itself.
Rachel: Here’s the problem…where do you go from there? Making something better out of it is hard to do. Equal rights from the get go.

The lively 8-minute discussion elicited enthusiastic responses from both sides of the aisle. I would have liked to have seen a woman’s opinion, though. Preferably Jill’s.
After the convention, PJTV hosted a wrap-up interview with Scott Ott and Stephen Green of At 4:11, host Allen Barton noted President Obama has now waded into the culture war of abortion and asked what the focus of the conservative media should be: the economy, abortion, or both?
Ott insisted on both. Green stated that Obama’s problem will be overreach.
Neither was on the exact same page, but they managed to have a little fun with each other at the end.
What do you think should be the focus?

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