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The following incident occurred Saturday at the Jewel grocery store in St. Charles, IL.
This goes to show what one pro-lifer can do, in this case stalwart Nancy Weber

As I walked into Jewel today, I was approached by a women soliciting donations for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk.

I took a brochure and when leaving spoke to her about how this company, along with the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, denies the link between abortion and breast cancer. In addition to that, Komen gives monies directly to Planned Parenthood.
I explained in a simple way, how abortion causes breast cancer: When a women has her monthly cycle, her breasts fill with a cancer causing toxin (estrogen). When she becomes pregnant, her cycle stops for the 9-month period. That in itself has always been an indisputable key factor to lowering breast cancer. The earlier a woman completes a full-term pregnancy, the better, and the more children, the better. Breastfeeding also helps stave off breast cancer.
But in addition, when a pregnancy is suddenly aborted, breasts that were preparing to nourish a baby are left with more undifferentiated, i.e., cancer-vulnerable cells, than before she was pregnant. The fact is, abortion can increase a woman’s risk factor up to 160%!

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As I was explaining this to the ill-informed volunteer, a woman and a man separately walked up with donations. I started explaining the ABC risk to them when the Avon rep rudely told me to leave. The man kept his money and walked out with me and thanked me!
I realized I should complain to the store manager, so I did. The lady at the counter thanked me for the info and called the manager. I told them if the Avon campaigner was not removed, I was going home to get my 6-ft. picture of an aborted baby and coming back!
Well, the manager said, he didn’t think that was necessary. Still, I left for my sign, but when I got back to the store, the Avon rep was gone, praise God!

Indeed, Avon refuses to acknowledge the link between abortion and breast cancer, while dancing all around it, which would be comical if it wasn’t so deadly. All highlighted risks below are due to increased estrogen exposure:
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Furthermore, Avon gives some of its proceeds to the American Cancer Society, which denies the link, as well as the abortion-promoting YWCA and other pro-abortion entities, like Advocate Trinity Hospital, a sister of Christ Hospital, where I worked.
For more information on the ABC link go to the Coalition on Abortion Breast Cancer.
[Photo is of Nancy’s daughter Dolores in front of the aforementioned Jewel]

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