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Recent news headlines on Life issues by Bill Beckman of the IL Right to Life Committee
(Thanks to administrative assistant Kelli, we can renew this great weekly post!)
March 20

  • Obama administration reverses Bush ban on sending birth control to abortion biz
    March 19

  • ND Legislature sends governor bill to help stop forced abortions
    March 18

  • Obama admin sends UNFPA $50 million, abortion backers want more
  • KS oks abortion-ultrasound bill, Gov Kathleen Sebelius pressured to sign
    March 17

  • US lawmakers fight to remove law against embryo research federal funding
  • Pope says condoms not solution to AIDS
    March 16

  • Life saved in Rockford due to grotesque display in abortion facility window
  • More OR patients killed via assisted suicide as activists infiltrate hospice
    March 13

  • Study: women on birth control pill more apt to develop bowel disease
  • GA House passes embryo adoption bill
    March 11

  • Obama administration promotes pro-abortion agenda at UN women’s mtg
  • Bioethicist cautions pro-life endorsement of iPS stem cell breakthrough
    March 9

  • Pro-Life Action League protests Planned Parenthood at Chicago Ritz Carlton
  • Studies find contraception makes women fat and newborns thin

  • Obama is no champion of science (Fr. Raymond de Souza)
  • Obama’s carefully crafted cloning contradiction (Terence Jeffrey)
  • Obama’s murderous order: what should science trump? (Bishop T. Olmsted)
  • NYT proves researchers want more than “leftover” embryos (Wesley Smith)
  • So much for the “mythical” Freedom of Choice Act (Deal Hudson)
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