NPLTWa1.pngby Kelli
American Life League has expanded its National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day to National Pro-Life T-Shirt WEEK beginning yesterday through May 4.
ALL’s plan:

… to increase awareness of abortion and the reality of how many innocent babies are murdered every day.
Primarily, we are concerned with getting people to think of the child as a person from the moment of creation. It is much harder to murder a person than it is to “remove a lump of tissues,” and it is only when we finally get the nation thinking in those terms that we will be able to make abortion a crime, as it should be.
Just by wearing the T-shirt and being out there in public, you will help to accomplish that goal.

ALL is also hosting a “Yo! Where’s the shirt?” photo contest. Registrants can win pro-life gear, music, and iTunes gift cards.
And you say you don’t own a pro-life t-shirt? ALL is selling those shown in the graphic for a mere $6.50 each.

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