On April 2, former IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich was indicted on 16 federal felony charges.
pill patrol.gifOn April 3, an IL judge issued a temporary restraining order against the state on behalf of 2 pharmacists to stop enforcing a 2005 executive order by the abortion industry’s former go-to guv forcing pharmacists to fill prescriptions for the morning-after pill whether they had moral qualms or not.
The MAP may cause abortions.
According to an American Center for Law and Justice press statement today:

In issuing the Order, Judge John Belz found that… Luke VanderBleek and Glenn Kosirog – 2 pharmacists who own 5 pharmacies between them – were “likely to succeed” on the merits of their claim that the regulation violates the IL Health Care Right of Conscience Act. A hearing on the pharmacists’ request for a permanent injunction will be held sometime in June.

[HT: LifeSiteNews.com]

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