Don’t know the details, but Sarah Jessica Parker , who successfully carried her 6-year-old son James to term, and husband Matthew Broderick have hired a surrogate to carry their twin daughters. According to the Associated Press yesterday:
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Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick will be taking on new roles: parents of twin girls.
The Sex and the City star and her actor-husband are expecting twins through a surrogate pregnancy, representatives for the couple said Tuesday.
Parker, 44, and Broderick, 47, “are happily anticipating the birth of their twin daughters later this summer with the generous help of a surrogate. The entire family is overjoyed,” said a statement from the publicists….
Details about the surrogate or her pregnancy were unavailable, the publicists said.

Added EOnline

A source says that the already proud parents had been trying unsuccessfully to expand their brood for some time.
“At a certain point, they were presented with an alternative,” the source says. “They could have kept trying on their own, but they’ve always wanted to have more children and felt this was the best way to go.”
The insider says that Parker plans to take some time off after the twins’ arrival – but not much. If all goes according to plan, she intends to start shooting the Sex and the City sequel sometime this summer, as well.

According to Wikipedia, the sequel is scheduled to begin filming “in mid 2009 for a May 28, 2010 release.”
[HT: proofreader Angela; photo courtesy of Us magazine]

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