UPDATE, 1:05p: Here’s another good chart, received from the same friend. PPFA stands for Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Click to enlarge:
pp adoption.jpg
UPDATE, 1p: I heard a good proverb yesterday: “If you want more of something, you subsidize; if you want less, you tax.”
Here’s an example of the former. I received the following chart from a government friend on PP’s funding as it correlates to the number of abortions it commits. Click to enlarge…

pp government funding.jpg
According to its 06-07 annual report, Planned Parenthood cleared $1 billion in income for the 1st time, $1.018 billion to be exact.
According to its 07-08 annual report, the tanking American economy certainly didn’t hurt PP. In fact, PP improved its bottom line to $1.038 billion. PP ended the reporting year with $1.014 billion in assets, up by almost 10%. That’s pretty good!
PP got 1/3 of its income from we the taxpayers: $350 million, up from $337 million last year. Click to enlarge:
pp annual report 07-08 slide 1.JPG
Abortions were up, too, from 290k last year to 305k this year.
In the next chart we see PP’s statistical trickery. PP’s report states abortion accounts for only 3% of all its services. But 10% of everyone (including men) who walk into a PP walk out an abortee.
Put another way, as its statistics show, 1 in 4 who get a pregnancy test at PP will abort. It would be interesting to know how many test negative, 1 in 4, 2 in 4? It is possible – likely – that at least half of mothers with positive pregnancy tests at PP abort. Click to enlarge:
pp annual report 07-08 slide 2.JPG
LifeNews.com has more insights on PP’s latest annual report, as does Life Decisions International.

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