I’ve received an email from American Right to Life that Bill O’Reilly will play its “The Ann Coulter hang-ups” video tonight and allow Coulter an opportunity to rebut. Adds the email:

Fox News producer Dan Bank turned down ARTL’s offer to provide an opposing guest preferring to let Ann Coulter defend herself unopposed. ARTL’s president Brian Rohrbough: “We’re looking forward to a fair and balanced report tonight as though there could be any such thing as fair or balanced when it comes to defending those who intentionally kill unborn children.”

The video is almost 10 minutes long, so obviously, if O’Reilly does what ARTL says he is going to do, he’ll only show a clip. Here ’tis:

The email goes on to narcisstically claim, “ARTL’s… video… and its associated website AnnCoulterApology.com, document the growing rift between the right-wing pundit and popular Christian pro-family leaders.”
In fact, the lnk between all in the video is ARTL, a group I gave up on as off the deep end last year when it picketed James Dobson at Focus on the Family.
ARTL continues to engage in friendly fire. So many real enemies to fight – Barack Obama anyone? – and it picks on Ann Coulter and Mitt Romney. How I wish Mitt Romney were in the White House at this moment.
A reminder that 1-1/2 years ago the ARTL board gave itself 12 years to stop abortion in the U.S. It failed to hold its 1st annual conference last year.

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