conservapedia 2.jpgUPDATE, 7:30p: I just spoke with Andy Schlafly, who started Conservapedia to counter the liberal spin at Wikipedia. He explained how and why “Culture of Death” was offed:
Wikipedia is run by a mobocracy of liberals who tend pro-abortion, pro-atheism, and pro-socialism. That liberal mob distorts entries and deletes what they don’t like. “Culture of Death” is something liberals don’t want to admit to.
Someone will nominate an entry for deletion. It will go into a discussion period on a discussion page. The liberal mob will dominate the discussion, unrestrained by any meaningful principles. Then someone who has special status on Wiki, an administator, will delete the entry, and that is how they censor the truth. It is difficult to find a trace of how it happened, and the person who deleted does not have to explain his or her reasoning. The deletion battle has raged again and again with truth telling entries.
Conservapedia has an entry with 156 examples of Wiki bias.
Astute reader Tom R. noticed Wikipedia deleted “Culture of Death April 17 (click to enlarge):
culture of death slide 1.JPG
At this point “Culture of Life” is still up on Wiki, and “Culture of Death” is still available on Wiktionary. Here’s what “Culture of Death” looked like on Wikipedia when it was created in April 2005 (click to enlarge)…

Culture of death slide 2.JPG
By May the term had been gutted with the reference to “abortion” deleted (click to enlarge):
culture of death 2.jpg
By 2006 the page was blank. Emailed Tom:

I used the “wayback machine” on….

An archive capture of the page from 2006 shows a blank page. The archive is supposed to capture everything open access on the net every 6 to 12 months. I’ll bet “Culture of Death” has been opening and closing in one of the never ending Wiki battles, which is why it has never been caught by the wayback machine since 2006.

I’ve asked the editor who deleted “Culture of Death” for his or her rationale. We’ll see.

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