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Jill received an email recently from a woman who has written a book to encourage and support mothers grieving after miscarriage. If you have gone through a loss, this may be for you.
From the email…

“I wanted to share my personal story with you and hope that you will help me in sharing it with others.
This year (2009) didn’t start out to be good for our family. On February 6th, I suffered my second miscarriage in less than two years and lost a baby girl at almost 3 months from an extra x chromosome problem 47,xx, +15 resulting in trisomy and not capable of fetal survival. After going through the darkest hours of my life for several weeks, I prayed for God to heal my heart again.
Then the strangest thing happened. I got the “calling” at 1:30 in the morning and knew that God was talking to me. I started writing privately for myself and, at the same time, felt a need to reach out to others. I wasn’t sure how that could be possible considering my life was turned upside down.
This book will help parents who have lost children through miscarriage, those who have died after birth, infertility and supporting family members including the heroic husbands that see their wives through this. It talks about our story, loss, recovery, hope and healing. I wanted to “pay it forward” to help others in positive memory of the two babies we lost. It is like a hug from a stranger who cares and understands their pain and sorrow. There are limited resources available and I would like to make a difference in this area for families.
It is my (long-term) goal to donate as many free copies as possible to miscarriage support organizations, pregnancy care centers, hospitals and other places that I am researching. When new parents leave most hospitals, they are sent home with new infant care bags. Often, with the loss of a child, the families leave empty handed with nothing, as I did on both occasions. With giving them a small gesture such as a book, they have support from someone who has walked in their shoes.
The front cover has some wooden ABC blocks pictured and the title “Surviving Miscarriage From A Christian Perspective.” The back cover is more symbolic than I ever imagined. They say that different things can symbolize babies who have passed such as butterflies, dragonflies, snowflakes and rosebuds that haven’t opened. I found a design that had two butterflies stacked on top of one another. It was exactly what I was looking for.
Miscarriage From A Christian Perspective can be previewed/purchased at Please type in Lisa Lindley or the title. In a few weeks this will also be available at online retail outlets such as and a few others. My ISBN# 978-0-578-01853-9
Surviving Miscarriage From A Christian Perspective is a heartfelt account of one mother’s experience coping with miscarriage, loss, recovery and spiritual awakening. This book was written to comfort those in need and to offer hope, strength and healing through a Christian viewpoint.
“Faith in God is what helped me to survive this experience. I hope that my story will touch your life or someone that you love and give them healing.”
Lisa Lindley

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.
– Matthew 5:4
Thank you!
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