Today Americans United for Life released fascinating poll data by Kellyanne Conway’s group, the polling inc./WomanTrend. AUL detailed the findings in a letter to senators:
justice is blind.jpg

By overwhelming majorities, Democrats, Republicans and Independents agreed that judges should exercise restraint and check their own beliefs and predispositions at the courthouse door.
They agreed on upholding common sense abortion regulations already in place in the states, including parental consent laws, and objecting to late-term abortions and taxpayer-funded abortions in the US and overseas….

Further, this consensus was held even among Americans who self-described themselves as “pro-choice.”…
Finally, when asked whether the next Justice should be a man or a woman, the tri-partisan consensus also volunteered that it does not matter (79% of Republicans, 78% of Independents, 61% of Democrats, 78% of conservatives, 67% of moderates, and 62% of liberals — as well as 66% of women.)

All the poll findings are well worth reading. I was invited on a conference call to journalists this morning, wherein Conway indicated one of 7-8 questions asked of every recent SC nominee has been on abortion, so this issue is important.
Conway said those polled rejected Obama’s “empathy standard” or that the court was the place for representation. “Americans say in this survey they know justice is blind,” said Conway. “The constitutional place for representation is in the legislative branch.
“We found one thing that frustrates people is jurists who put their own pictures into opinions,” continued Conway. “People have limited tolerance for personal opinion in justices. They believe they are there for their credentials.”
The majority of those polled opposed partial birth abortion, supported parental notification of minors before abortion, opposed using tax dollars to fund abortion in both the US and internationally, and believed the people, not the courts, should make abortion policies, particularly on the state level.
Obama stands in stark contrast to all these beliefs and is anticipated to nominate a SC candidate who thinks like him, not the majority of Americans.
Prepare for pro-lifers to make a big deal about that.

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