national day of prayer.jpgPresident George W. Bush observed the National Day of Prayer all 8 years of his presidency with a public event at the White House, inviting Dr. James Dobson and wife Shirley, chairwoman, among others.
Prior to that, observances were sketchy. According to US News and World Report, President Bill Clinton did not host an event, while President George H. W. Bush did once in 1989 as did President Ronald Reagan in 1982.
So, I guess on one hand I’m not surprised President Obama has decided to take a pass this year (tomorrow, May 7), since Dr. Dobson wholeheartedly opposed Obama for president, particularly hammering him on the abortion and infanticide issues. Dobson had abortion survivor Gianna Jessen and me on his radio show to discuss Obama’s support of post-birth abortions, and Focus on the Family Action spent $500k running’s Gianna ad in a few states.
But I find Obama’s decision another tempt of fate, although would his depraved heart’s prayers be heard anyway, I wonder.
I’ll be interested in the Proclamation that Obama issues. Daughter Daena wrote last year’s, which I find ironic. She told me tonight it is being sued, as is Shirley Dobson, which I didn’t know.

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