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Spotlighting important information gleaned from other pro-life blogs…

  • Suzanne from Big Blue Wave is featured as a guest columnist at
    No Apologies
    . In her article, she urges pro-life women to make themselves heard and to not allow one type of “feminist” to speak for all women…

    People must understand that respect for the unborn does not preclude respect for women. Equality exists by virtue of the fact that we are all human beings; it is not created by making some people more powerful and some people less.
    Women are not made less equal by respecting the rights of others. If anything, women are diminished by the notion that the most important power they have to deal with an unwanted pregnancy is to kill their unborn child. It suggests that it is necessary to excuse women from killing because they are not strong enough or responsible enough to do otherwise, and must compensate for their biological weakness. Men don’t get that privilege, so why should women?
    Once people see that respect for unborn children does not entail disrespect for women, they will be more open to considering equality for the unborn child.
    And there will be a greater respect for women, too.

  • 2 Seconds Faster draws attention to an Argus Leader report that Planned Parenthood is fighting SD‘s “state-approved language in the paperwork that is presented to women seeking abortions”:

    The filing is the latest round in a 4-year court battle between the state of SD and Planned Parenthood of MN and the Dakotas
    The organization objects to its doctors being forced to use phrases that PP considers ideological, such as: “That the abortion will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being.”
    State Health Department officials declined to comment on what sanctions PP might face, or if there is a deadline for the agency to comply with the health department’s demand…


    In an e-mail sent to PP in Sioux Falls… the state warned the agency of possible sanctions if it fails to use a state-approved disclosure form, including being cited for “deficiencies” associated with the form.
    “Any abortion facility violating any of the provisions of (state law) places its abortion facility license at risk for suspension or revocation,” Anthony Nelson, administrator of the state Office of Data, Statistics, and Vital Records, said in the e-mail.
    But PP argues that a state law passed in 2005 does not require a scripted form, and that the agency is “free to choose the specific text of the disclosures they provide” so long as the state-required disclosures about certain biological facts are disclosed.

    Apparently, PP would rather not inform clients of the scientific and biological fact that the unborn are indeed “living human being[s].” What a surprise.
    Both sides await a final ruling.

  • Is This Modest? features an insightful article on the teacher/student sexual epidemic:

    You may say, but a lot of the cases I read about is young women teachers preying on young men. You’d be right that these are the most glamorized cases–and perplexing to some. That is, until you realize that those 20 to 30-year-old women are the first to come through the sexual education of the 90s.
    Yes, I believe that we can accurately place a lot of the blame of our current sex saturated society and sexual-predators-as-teachers at the feet of the sexual education model of the 1990s. Up until that point in time, comprehensive sex education was not taught in schools. Yes, the 60’s brought free love, but it wasn’t something that was preached from the school’s pulpit….

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