by Carder
The Times Online reports that because “Britain has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe and the government has failed in its pledge to halve rates of pregnancy in girls under the age of 18,” officials have come up with a new “scheme”:
scout huts.jpg

Boys as young as 12 are to be issued with condom “credit cards” allowing them to pick up free contraception at football grounds, barber’s shops and scout huts [pictured right].
Condoms will be distributed at places where boys congregate, to spare them the embarrassment of visiting sexual health clinics or GPs’ surgeries or facing a shop assistant at a chemist’s counter.

They will be able to collect the condoms by showing a plastic card issued to them after they have attended a safe-sex lesson…. Boys who take advantage of the scheme will not have to give their names or answer questions about their sex lives.
The scheme is intended to cut teenage pregnancies and persuade boys to take greater responsibility for contraception.

Officials rationalize this will create equal opportunity sex responsibility since “sex education has been too focused on teenage girls, who tend already to take full responsibility for using contraception.”
Not really. See stats. So less mature boys will? Continuing:
condom hand.jpg

Boys who attend additional talks about sexually transmitted diseases will get a stamp on their card, which those running the scheme hope will become a status symbol.

Simon Blake, chief executive of Brook [Advisory Service, which helped devise this “scheme”], said the C-card would make condom use “an everyday reality”.
He said the new government guidance would be designed to make boys more confident about using contraception and asking for advice on sex.

The common sense dissent is correct:

However, Josephine Quintavalle, founder of Comment on Reproductive Ethics, a pressure group, warned: “We are just facilitating and encouraging sexuality without any deeper understanding of the emotional side of relationships.
“We used to talk about recreational sex among 18-year-olds – now it is 13-year-olds.”

What has 40+ years of comprehensive sex ed and widespread availability of contraceptives resulted in? Lots more sex, STDs, out-of-wedlock pregnancies, abortions, broken hearts, broken relationships, and damaged children. This “scheme” is the definition of insanity.

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