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  • We want to welcome newest intern, Anne Marie D., to the team here at Anne Marie wrote her first (Prolifer)ations yesterday, and we’re so glad to have her for the summer!
    Anne Marie is a junior in college, majoring in Nursing and minoring in Business Management. She has a heart for saving lives, especially of the unborn!
    She comes from a family of 7 children and is second in line, the oldest girl. In addition to this internship this summer, she is cleaning houses and mowing lawns with her brothers.
    When not working, you will probably find her playing ultimate frisbee or dancing.

  • In turn, we also want to bid a fond farewell to intern Bernadette P., who was so dedicated in working for us this spring writing (Prolifer)ations.
    A big “THANK YOU” to you, Bernadette. We appreciate you and wish you God’s greatest blessings for your future.

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