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With only 2 days notice, 70 pro-lifers assembled to protest Barack Obama’s speech at the American Medical Association convention in Chicago yesterday. Obama came to push his socialized health care scheme, which the abortion industry is angling to include taxpayer funded abortions. Click photos to enlarge….

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According to the Pro-Life Action League

Turnout for the protest was greater than expected….
“The overwhelming response to today’s protest is indicative of how energized the pro-life movement is in 2009,” [Communications Director Eric] Scheidler remarked. “They can see how high the stakes are right now, with the most pro-abortion president in U.S. history in the White House, and a pro-abortion Congress, too.”
The heavy turn-out by pro-lifers was in stark contrast to the handful of gay-marriage and anti-war activists who were also protesting in the barricaded protest area on the north side of Wacker Dr.

PLAL described the protest:

The pro-life protestors held graphic abortion signs depicting “Baby Malachi”, aborted at 21 weeks, with the caption, “Abortion is not health care”, as well as Stop Abortion Now signs.

Here is PLAL founder Joe Scheidler holding one such sign…
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