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  • Wesley Smith shoots down Peter Singer’s advocacy for the health care rationing of people with disabilities.
  • Rebecca Taylor shows that Pharnygula needs to actually read a bill regarding human-animal hybrids before commenting on what it would do. It’s hilarious when someone who hasn’t read the bill, and apparently has no clue (he doesn’t seem to know that Britain has allowed attempts at human cloning using animal eggs) what Senators Brownback and Landrieu want to prevent in the US, tosses out the terms “ignoramus,” “clowns” and “Rethuglicans.”…
  • Michael Fumento relays ESCR’s dirty little secret in Forbes:

    Addressing a 2007 WI convention 9 years later, [researcher James] Thomson articulated that the time frame had shifted to “decades away,” plural.
    The scientist didn’t blame too little federal funding, as have others, according to the AP. (Indeed, it’s common for major publications to claim ESCR has been “banned.”) Rather Thomson blamed simple biology. Among other problems, ES cells require permanent use of dangerous immunosuppressive drugs. They have a nasty tendency to form tumors both malignant and benign including teratomas – meaning “monster tumor.” Teratomas can grow larger than a football and can contain eyeball parts, hair and teeth. Yech!
    OK, so how many “decades?”

  • The LA Times has a long article on Rev. Walter Hoye and his sidewalk counseling outside of an abortion clinic in Oakland.
  • David Freddoso posts an exchange between Senators Brownback and Durbin regarding taxpayer-funded abortion in DC.
  • NPR has an audio piece on the difficulty of creating embryonic stem cell lines.
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