Imagine if a pro-lifer were to pull a gun on a pro-abort outside an abortion mill.
Yet I can only find ONE mainstream news story on the opposite sort of incident that happened at a Phoenix, AZ, Planned Parenthood 5 days ago. And note no suspect name was provided, no mug shot….
phoenix gun.jpg
Were the situation reversed, this man’s name and face would be plastered everywhere, with commentary upon commentary vilifying the entire pro-life movement….

And, as Steve Ertelt of reminded us, this incident came only 1 week after a pro-abort tried to run over a pro-lifer in front of a PP in Chico, CA. I think this proves all pro-aborts entering PPs are prone to violence against postborns as well as preborns and should be placed on Janet Napolitano’s domestic terrorist watch list.
pp az youtube.jpgNor was there any background provided on the Phoenix PP, as I think would be typical.
Case in point, this particular PP was 1 of 2 Phoenix PPs exposed by Lila Rose only 4 months ago as willing to cover up minor rape. I think this is interesting adjunct information, don’t you?
Here’s video.

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