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Spotlighting important information gleaned from other pro-life blogs…

  • Not Dead Yet covers the ongoing battle between the wife of a severely brain damaged man and the NY nursing home seeking a Do Not Resuscitate order and removal of his feeding tube….

    After a heart attack and a fall down a flight of stairs in 2006, Gary Harvey was placed in Chemung County Nursing Facility for long-term care. After his wife removed a tracheotomy tube (in place to prevent aspiration, or inhalation of foreign substances into the lungs, as in vomiting) without medical permission, stating Gary found it uncomfortable and no clinical staff would take action, Sara was limited to restricted, supervised visitation.
    Now, CCNF is pushing for placement of a DNR and removal of his total parenteral nutrition, Gary’s only source of nutrition. Watch a local news report of the story here.
    An article in the Dakota Voice begs the questions: Why is CCNF clinging so hard to keep Gary in their control? No one is forcing CCNF to be the appointed care facility for Gary, so why do they feel it is necessary to terminate him, rather than let him go home with his wife to live or die? Why can’t they simply terminate their control over this man, rather than terminate the man himself?

  • Forest Nymph blogs on a LifeSiteNews report that WI pharmacies will now be required to carry the abortifacient Plan B, better known as the morning-after pill.
    Individual pharmacy workers will not be required to fill prescriptions if they are opposed, but pharmacies must fill the order or face a $2,500 penalty. The legislation was a last-minute rider added on to the state budget, along with a measure requiring WI insurance plans to cover birth control as a “prescription drug.”
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  • Fabulous news from AZ! John Jakubczyk spotlights an LA Times report that Gov. Jan Brewer signed legislation favorable to the pro-life cause.
    First, women must wait at least 24 hours after their “consultation” with the clinic to come back for an abortion. Second, pharmacists and pharmacy workers may opt out of distributing contraceptives on the basis of moral or religious objection. Also, a current law has been revised to include tougher restrictions regarding parental notification of minors.
    Brewer replaced pro-abortion Janet Napolitano when she moved on to head Obama’s Dept. of Homeland Security, which as most know is now targeting pro-life activists as domestic terrorists. What a difference a governor makes! Three cheers for AZ and Gov. Brewer!
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