The Washington Post featured an interesting profile on pro-life activist Randall Terry July 15. Here are excerpts:

Leaders of the antiabortion movement are cringing at Terry’s sudden return. They say his incendiary rhetoric and showy tactics turn off ordinary Americans and reflect Terry’s struggle to regain his glory years.

randall terry 7.jpg

“It’s sad in a way,” said Fredericksburg antiabortion activist Patrick Mahoney, who was close to Terry at one time but, like others in the movement, is now estranged from him. “It’s almost like a heavyweight boxer who’s past his prime. The movement has gone by him.”…
“The pro-life movement is getting its hind end kicked,” [Terry] said, “because we think that we can literally upend the social order as it is now with a few phone calls, letters and ‘We’re going to sell a rose once a year and march once a year on the Capitol.’ It’s ludicrous.”
He laughed. “I drive them crazy.“…

“If child killing is going to be ended, the road goes though this capital, and I intend to be a part of that movement,” he said. “And I intend to lead – to be a key leader of that movement. And I am.

brendan.jpgTerry dropped out of the pro-life movement for years and years. When he suddenly bounded back it was in a time warp, not unlike Adam emerging from the bomb shelter in Blast from the Past, proceeding to mischaracterize and malign the efforts of pro-lifers who never left the scene – even taking glee in being the pro-life movement’s red-haired stepchild. And for all this Terry thinks he commands a “key leader[ship]” role?
The one good thing I think Terry has accomplished these past few months is to engage Norma McCorvey to become an activist. Her arrests at Notre Dame and the Sotomayor hearings got lots of press and brought much embarrassment to the pro-abortion movement that used her in its Roe v. Wade case and then spit her out. I only hope Terry isn’t replaying history on the flip side. But Norma’s a big girl.

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