This little preemie weighed 14 ounces and died a few minutes after being born. Shaunice was so precious to her parents they had her cremated to memorialize. The media loves this touching story, perhaps because it has a happy ending.
But the same schizophrenic media promotes the killing of babies the same age as Shaunice through abortion. The most recent example were the many stories excusing or promoting late-term abortions after the killing of George Tiller.
From the Associated Press, today:

Janie Brunson and her boyfriend sat at the Opa-locka [FL] bus stop, cradling the small, white box containing the ashes of a baby girl – the beloved remains of her 2nd miscarriage within 8 months.
The 23-year-old woman looked up to see a gun pointed at her. She begged the man not to take her baby’s ashes.
But the man ignored her pleas, snatching the box and a gold chain….

Brunson had picked up her daughter’s remains only minutes earlier. She and her boyfriend, Shaun Bolton, wanted to wait to open the box until they were home with family.
On Thursday, though, police found the ashes. Opa-locka Police Capt. Vincent Robinson confirmed Thursday night that the ashes had been recovered, though he would not offer any details. “The ashes will be returned to her. Everything is still intact,” he said.
The ashes of Shaunyce were to be placed inside a casket in the home, where the couple had created a small memorial for their 2 children – one of whom was stillborn and the other who lived only a few minutes.
Shaunyce died March 30. She weighed just 14 ounces. Last August, Brunson lost her first child, a son, Shaun.
“I thought once I’d get her ashes my memorial would be completed,” she said. “I’d be able to go on and think of future things and future babies.”
On Wednesday morning, Brunson and her boyfriend got up early to pick up her remains.
They were sitting at the bus stop… when the man walked up. He pointed the gun.
“Give it up. Give it up,” he repeated.
Brunson screamed, begging him to let her keep the ashes.
The man would not, stealing the box along with Bolton’s gold chain. The robber hopped a fence and ran off into an apartment complex….
When police called Brunson to tell her they had recovered the ashes, “I was so happy I screamed,” she said. “I was thanking God.”

[Attribution for photo of Janie: Miami Herald]

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