alg 2.jpgI reported in March that the Department of Homeland Security had placed “anti-abortion activists” along with war veterans, those opposed to illegal immigration, and more on a “rightwing extremist” domestic terrorist watch list, per a leaked report.
In April, Americans for Limited Government filed a Freedom of Information request to find the source(s) of DHS’s information.
Today ALG released the DHS’s response, and it’s remarkable.
Forget the FBI or CIA or other intelligence sources we don’t even know about. The Department of HOMELAND SECURITY got its information from the media – including far left media like the Huffington Post, MSNBC, and CNN – websites, and blogs. Here’s a sampling from the DHS response letter (click to enlage)…

dhs sources.jpg
Read excerpts from ALG’s press release below.
Here was a Fox News report on this today:

I am at a loss for words at what has so quickly become of the executive branch of our government, a bunch of liberal kids and idiots now in control. And MSM is wantonly ignoring it all, so the American people don’t know the half of what’s going on.
Excerpts of ALG’s press release:

ALG President Bill Wilson today condemned the methodology used by the DHS in issuing a controversial “right-wing extremism” threat assessment to law enforcement in April as “complete speculation.”
“Our worse fears about what went into this memo have been confirmed. The government department that was supposed to be tasked with identifying domestic terrorist threats is apparently using news stories, kooky websites, and conjecture instead of actual hard intelligence reporting and analysis,” said Wilson….
ALG top researcher Don Todd recently gave his assessment of the memo and DHS’ FOIA interim response, “Here you have a bunch of government bureaucrats surfing the web that come up with this crackpot website [], and then they alert all the police agencies in the country to look out for veterans, pro-lifers, and people that believe in states’ rights.”
Not a single study or report was from any government source,” said Wilson. “And again, there was no evidence of any actual active recruitment of ‘disgruntled veterans’ by these groups, no evidence showing that folks who purchase guns or oppose gun-control legislation are necessarily dangerous, and no evidence that the economic downturn or the election of Barack Obama that is fueling any actual ‘resurgence’ of ‘extremism.'”…
Wilson added… “The background DHS used was not based on credible intelligence sources, reporting, and analysis. Instead, what we found is that the Department was apparently surfing the net to see what news stories happened to turn up to support a pre-determined conclusion“….
“We now know for a fact that DHS was monitoring political speech and thought, whether on the Internet or via other forms of communications,” said Wilson….
Previously DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said, “We are on the lookout for criminal and terrorist activity but we do not – nor will we ever – monitor ideology or political beliefs.”
“DHS’ response to our freedom of information request unfortunately confirms in no uncertain terms that their hunt for ‘rightwing extremists’ was nothing more than a witch hunt,” Wilson concluded.

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