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  • The latest statistics on abortion are out in MI. Abortions increased by 5.2%. The percentage of abortions on black women rose to 45.4%. The number of abortions performed after 12 weeks also jumped up. One MI woman died as the result of an abortion.
    Also of note, 98.1% of women paid for abortion by themselves. Only 1.8% of abortions were paid for by insurance. Makes you wonder where the Alan Guttmacher and the Kaiser Family Foundation got their statistics (87% and 46% respectively) used in the AP article regarding abortion coverage in employer insurance health care plans….
  • Esquire has a long piece on abortionist Warren Hern which inaccurately describes him as the “only (abortionist) left” to specialize “in late abortions.”
  • Ramesh Ponnuru takes down another one of William Saletan’s increasingly lazy columns, this one on Tim Ryan, National Right to Life and how Saletan thinks NRLC doesn’t like Ryan because he favors contraception.
    I think the best part is when Saletan accuses National Right to Life of changing its priorities in 2007 because their scorecards didn’t have a lot of abortion-specific legislation on them.
    Hmmmm…. I wonder why? Maybe it’s because there weren’t any votes on abortion specific legislation. And why’s that? Oh yeah, it’s because the Democrats took control of the House in 2007 and prevented votes on this type of legislation. So no, NRLC didn’t change, Congressional leadership did. This could also be a reason why Ryan’s preference for pro-life policies also began to change.

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