weekend question.jpgI received this email:

America is becoming very divided over abortion. Dialogue at message boards, etc., becomes very antagonistic and heated.
I have always been fiercely pro-life, and I don’t hesitate in telling family members and friends who are pro-choice why their decision is WRONG….

This has cost me more than a few friends. Not good. Am I doing something wrong? I feel guilty about it, but I’m not sorry for my pro-life conviction, which I will stand by even if it means I stand totally alone, at peace, but still lonely.
If this hasn’t happened to you, then it means my approach with these people is all wrong.
Please advise.

I have not always been “fiercely pro-life.” When I became so 10 years ago, my network of friends was by this time in my life (age 43) old and dear. I should add that network was and is small. And my family is my family.
I can’t say as I’ve lost any of my well established friends over the pro-life issue. Most were pro-life, although none were or are activists. I’ve never gotten into it with family and friends who I suspect don’t hold my view on the life issue. I think we all know that to do so would not be good.
That said, I’ve changed, and I’ve gravitated over the past 10 years to developing friendships with pro-life activists like me. I hang out with this group more than any other. I’d say some of my older relationships have dwindled for this reason alone. The bond I share with pro-life friends is special and unique.
What are your thoughts on Jan’s question?

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