I don’t know why human rights organizations should be surprised. Obama’s actions on this front are consistent with his pro-death mentality. From the Washington Times, this morning:
nancy and dalai.jpg

Human rights groups are beginning to question President Obama’s commitment to their issue as the administration engages authoritarian regimes, retains the option of sending terrorist suspects abroad to places where they might be tortured and puts off a presidential meeting with the Dalai Lama.
Mr. Obama’s decision to wait until after he visits China in November to meet with the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists – who was on Capitol Hill Tuesday receiving an award – comes after a series of decisions that have underlined a classic tension in U.S. foreign policy between the head and the heart….

My only surprise is that Obama would send terror suspects to countries that might torture them. Then again, no. These people haven’t been convicted yet; they are still considered innocent until proven guilty. Once convicted of committing atrocities, Obama would surely defend them against the death penalty.
[Photo of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi engaging with the Dalai Lama is via the Washington Times]

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