Well, this unfolding story is tragic and curious. From the Los Angeles Times, yesterday:
Joshua Woodward, murder, unborn baby, abortion, fetus, Humpty Dumpty.jpg

A 37-year-old man was booked early this morning on suspicion of murder in the death of an unborn child believed to be his, Los Angeles police said.
Joshua Woodward, whom police described as a businessman with “ties to Chicago and Miami,” was taken into custody by homicide detectives about 3:15 a.m. today…. He was booked… and is being held in lieu of $2 million bail, police said.
Woodward’s arrest followed an investigation of “the suspicious circumstances of a miscarriage” reported Oct. 19, around the 13th week of gestation, police said. They released no other details….

Most interesting is phraseology. S/he is an “unborn child” when the mother wants him/her but “fetus” when she doesn’t. And it’s “murder” when the mother doesn’t want her “unborn child” killed and “abortion” when she wants her “fetus” killed.
Searching for any liberal blog opinion on this story, I came upon the following entertaining (if I can use that word related to this topic) YouTube video in a post by RAMZPAUL….

I’m not sure if this guy is for real or if this is schtick. I think it’s the former. But he actually nails the reason for the dichotomy. Warning, a little bit of coarse language…

[HT: Kris C.]

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