Will the Obama administration now place CBS in timeout next to Fox until they both learn to propagandize properly?
60 Minutes, Medicaid Fraud, healthcare, Obama.jpgA 60 Minutes story last night did the liberal thrust for nationalized healthcare no favors.
The exposť, “Medicare fraud: A $60 billion crime,” investigated what “has become one of, if not the most profitable, crimes in America… push[ing] aside cocaine as the major criminal enterprise.”…
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I knew there was fraud in the Medicare/Medicaid system, but I had no idea of the magnitude.
I was surprised this led correspondent Steve Kroft to the obvious point, “This story may raise your blood pressure, along with some troubling questions about our government’s ability to manage a medical bureaucracy.” Bingo.
About the 60 Minutes segment, Jim Kouri, a VP of the National Association of Chiefs of Police wrote on Examiner.com:

[F]inally a major news organization was asking the right questions regarding the current epidemic of fraud and abuse within the government health care bureaucracy which is a preview of what can be expected once the federal government takes control of Americans’ overall health care…. [O]ne can only imagine the amount of corruption that will occur….

Here’s the piece…

60 Minutes tried to portray the Obama administration favorably. Attorney General Eric Holder said they had earmarked $200 million to the Medicare fraud division in the stimulus package.
Two problems there. #1, the corruption appears too massive:
Tony, 60 Minutes, Medicare fraud, healthcare, Obama.jpg

But Tony, who has just begun serving his 12 year prison sentence, says there’s no shortage of people in Miami waiting to take his place.
Asked how many people in Miami were doing this, Tony said, “I’d say at least 2,000 people. At least 2,000, 3,000 companies.
He estimated that less than 5% of these companies were legitimate.

And that’s just Miami. #2: Government bureaucratic intervention will only encourage crooks to become more sophisticated while punishing legitimate companies – and increase the bureaucracy – by forcing them to fill out endlessly more paperwork.

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