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Husband Rich and I registered several months ago to attend the Blog World Expo, being held in Las Vegas tomorrow through Saturday….

I’ve been very much looking forward to this convention. I love blogging and think it holds such potential for pro-lifers. So I’m excited to learn how to improve my craft as well as get a handle on the social networking side of things and perhaps figure out a way to get this to pay for itself.
But I’m beginning to feel like I’m walking into another Democrat National Convention. I was perusing session topics this morning and spotted, “Blogging for change: How to influence healthcare through blogging.” I’m guessing this will not be about stopping nationalized healthcare. Why would they assume we’re all on the same page on this unless they assume most attendees will be liberals? I figure I can use whatever tricks they’ll teach for our side.
Ah, I just spotted a graphic on the site featuring Hugh Hewitt and Mary Katharine Ham, so there’s hope to see friendly faces…
There are many sessions I’m looking forward to attending that look like they’ll be great, generically helpful. And I’m happy Rich is going, too, because while he supports me and this blogging adventure, he doesn’t understand it too well. For that matter, neither do I. People would be shocked at how little I know about the tech end of things.
So stay tuned!

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