11/24, 10a: St. Michael Society has a post up reviewing MSNBC’s history of anti-Catholic bias.
11/23, 10:37p: Read the backstory here.
RI Bishop Thomas Tobin appeared on pro-abort Catholic Chris Matthews’ MSNBC show this evening, and it didn’t go well.
I applaud the bishop’s willingness to enter into enemy territory but was surprised how easily Matthews cornered him.
Perhaps not many people stand a chance when Matthews goes on the warpath (although I’d love to see Scott Klusendorf, Fr. Pavone, Mark Crutcher, or Robert George give that louse a whirl).
Matthews appeared quite agitated from the get-go, unfairly using his bully pulpit to hog the interview and badger Bishop Tobin much like a hostile prosecutor attempting to break someone down a witness on the stand. Matthews even had the gall to try to teach the preacher. I was shocked by Matthews’ lack of respect, particularly bearing in mind he’s Catholic.
I felt sorry for Bishop Tobin and do think he’s a stand-up guy. O’Reilly announced tonight he’s coming on his show tomorrow. I hope that interview goes better than this one…

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I think the interview got thrown by John F. Kennedy’s premise, which was false, an attempt to placate people 50 years ago who were fearful of electing a Catholic president….

And I think the conversation Matthews took all over the map should have stuck on one point: Are preborns human or not?
If they are, then we need laws to protect them, just as we do all other innocent human life.
If we’re not sure – if the answer is above one’s pay grade – then we should err on the side of life.
And any person who would attempt to argue they’re not is an imbecile who doesn’t know basic biology and should be dismissed.

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