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  • No surprise here. According to a CNN poll, the majority of Americans don’t want abortion funding included in health care reform:
  • A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Wednesday morning indicates that 61% of the public opposes using public money for abortions for women who can not afford the procedure, with 37% in favor of allowing the use of federal funds.
    And by a 51% to 45% margin, those questioned in the survey think that women who get abortions should pay the full costs out of their own pocket, even if they have private health insurance and no federal funds are involved. The 6-point difference is within the poll’s sampling error….

  • Bart Stupak has an editorial responding to a misleading Detroit Free Press editorial about his amendment:
  • The Free Press argues this amendment makes it harder for poor women to obtain abortion procedures. But under current policy, the poor receive their health care through Medicaid and cannot have taxpayer-funded abortions. Our amendment simply keeps this policy consistent.
    Segregating funds has never been allowed under Hyde language. For example, federal employee health plans offer private health insurance policies to federal employees. Federal employees pay a portion of their health premiums with the government paying the balance. Yet federal employees cannot put the funds they contribute in a separate account to be used to cover abortion services. The Hyde precedent is very clear.

  • From Fox News, umbilical cord stem cells have been used to reverse cerebral palsy in a Colorado girl.
  • Pro-lifers in Chicago are protesting Chicago’s new 8 foot bubble ordinance.
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