UPDATE, 3:10p: WEARTV.com has news video about the Pensacola mill closing, including interviews with local 40 Days organizers, as well as its history of bombings and shootings.
[HT: Michael B.]
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The FL Agency for Health Care Administration has shut down the Community Healthcare Center in Pensacola, FL, after it couldn’t cough up $413k in fines for failing to renew a lab license for 413 days.
The AHCA served ample notice to the 25+ year old abortion mill in January, but when it hadn’t settled its bill 10 months after the fact, the clinic “voluntarily” closed its doors October 30, according to AHCA via PNJ.com, after AHCA paid it a shakedown visit on October 20.
Too bad, so sad, PNJ.com also reports:

The closure leaves AMS of Pensacola… as the only abortion clinic in Escambia County.

40 Days for Life was keeping vigil at the mill during that time. What great news to learn on Day 38!
As an aside, this particular mill has a sordid history. It’s where Paul Hill in 1995 killed abortionist John Britton and deathscort James Barrett.
[HT: David Bereit of 40 Days]

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