NOW rally day, stupak, abortion, healthcare, 2.jpgDidn’t pro-aborts spend an inordinate amount of time claiming public funding of abortion wasn’t included in any of the healthcare bills before House pro-lifers added an amendment specifying there would be no public funding in its healthcare bill?
Yet the hornet’s nest that said abortion wasn’t in healthcare has been stirred into a frenzy because abortion has been aborted from healthcare….

For instance, the National Organization for Women is planning a “Strip Stupak National Lobby Day” on December 2. I think it would be grand for pro-lifers to organize a “Stay Stupak National Rally Day” on December 2 and completely confuse the messaging.
NOW rally day, stupak, abortion, healthcare.jpgAnd Young Feminists has listed 7 anti-Stupak petitions out there, sponsored by Alternet, Bold Progressives, Center for Reproductive Rights, Daily Kos, NARAL, and Planned Parenthood.
Finally, according to ABC News, the Center for Reproductive Rights is launching the following anti-Stupak ad tomorrow in the DC cable market and online…

Yuck. As I said only yesterday, abortion isn’t funny. There you go. Pro-life response, from the USA Today blog:

Douglas Johnson, legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee, says the CRR “ought to also be candid enough to come out and acknowledge that what they are really fighting for is unlimited funding of abortion under the new programs that the new healthcare bill would create.”
Johnson also added that the amendment does not prevent a person, even those under the new proposed federal exchange, from purchasing a supplemental policy to cover abortions.

The Family Research Council added in an email alert today:
Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, Barack Obama, strongest weapon, abortion, healthcare, Stupak.jpg

Planned Parenthood is already predicting an end to the amendment at the hands of the President, who President Cecile Richards calls her “strongest weapon.”
Meanwhile, her allies still insist on spinning the debate not as a denial of federal funding for abortion, but as a denial of the “right” to abortion – which is absurd. Under the Stupak amendment, women can get as many elective abortions as they want. But taxpayers have no more obligations to pay for that elective procedure than they do for a woman’s elective plastic surgery.

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