When Americans gather around their dinner tables with friends and family tomorrow to celebrate Thanksgiving, they will catch up on the latest family chatter and probably talk ?about sports and the weather. But, Planned Parenthood’s president has a suggestion for those who need a topic for discussion.??
In an email today to supporters of the abortion business, PP president Cecile Richards unveiled her own Thanksgiving dinner conversation guide.?
“I don’t know how things are at your Thanksgiving table, but in my house we don’t just make small talk,” she writes, saying she is “committed to having real conversations” that invariably turn to abortion. It is Thanksgiving “conversations like these that help” promote her pro-abortion agenda, she says, suggesting that abortion advocates follow her lead.
“If your family is anything like mine, you’ll want to be prepared to converse thoughtfully. Here’s some help – a guide to dinner table conversation,” Richards says.
Richards links to a PP web page urging members to help their family “avoid dirty politics by sticking to these points. If ‘turkey talk’ turns to health care reform, stand ready – we’ve got you covered.”
The page lists several talking points on the topic of abortion funding in health care that covers the Stupak amendment added to the House government-run bill to remove abortion funding and the phony Capps amendment Harry Reid put in the Senate bill to include massive abortion funding in it….

~ LifeNews.com, November 25

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