All you need to know is in the headlines, really…
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Read National Right to Life’s statement outlining just some of the problems with Reid’s bill, unveiled last night.
Then keep making calls, which are having an impact. I tried calling Sen. Ben Nelson’s office yesterday and simply couldn’t get through to his DC office. I thought the line was out of order. My calls to 3 of his NE offices wouldn’t go through either. Finally I reached someone who said they’ve been slammed with calls re: the healthcare bill. Like I said, keep it up.
These senators are our targets…

Bayh, Byrd, Casey, Collins, Conrad, Dorgan, T. Johnson, Landrieu, Lincoln, McCaskill, Nelson, Pryor, Reid, Snowe and Warner

We must pound them. The ideal would be to shut down Senate phone lines. Even if your senators aren’t on the list, call them.
Here is the message:

Vote “No” on any health-care bill or procedure that does not include the Stupak pro-life amendment at a minimum and that will protect and preserve life both young and old.

The next vote is not on Reid’s bill itself but on debating the bill (“cloture”). This is very important vote since it requires 60 ayes, and other votes only require 50. We must reiterate “or procedure,” the gist of the 1st vote. If the bill doesn’t include Stupak-Pitts, it must not move forward in any way.
ABC unintentionally explained my point:
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Reid, who has been working to get moderate Democrats on board his plan, will need all party members to support the bill if he wants to break the first Republican attempt at a filibuster, expected to be on Saturday.
The cloture vote, expected this Saturday, on whether to even start debating the bill will be the first test of the support for Reid’s health care bill. Even Reid is not sure right now if he has all the votes.
Nelson has been one of the biggest question marks for Democrats on health care and, while still undecided, he seemed inclined today to bring a Democratic bill to the floor later this week.

[Photo of Harry Reid hugging Chris Dodd after unveiling the Senate healthcare bill via the Los Angeles Times]

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